Saving grace

I enjoyed a wonderful, family-filled (and angst-devoid!) Christmas holiday in Ontario.

It was truly a treat to spend the holiday with family for the first time in too many years.

Like you, I enjoyed this:


And this:



Let’s be frank. The holiday season goes hand in hand with food and drink indulgences. And it’s quite alright to indulge now and then. Without guilt. Here’s the thing, though – you can still enjoy that delicious turkey and glasses of wine WHILE continuing to make other healthy, delicious choices throughout the day.

This kind of balances things out. And ensures you are still getting the nutrients your body needs daily, especially when it is over-taxed with too much sugar, fat and alcohol.

I choose vegetables as my ‘go to’ saviours. When making my plate, I heap the veggies on. And if I’m bringing them to the dinner, I choose healthier ways of preparing them: I incorporate lots of spices, herbs, coconut and olive oils, and grainy mustards in their preparation. I steam or roast them, instead of boiling every last vitamin and mineral out of them. And I eat a few in the raw (not me, the veggies) at the beginning of each meal, to get their enzymes assisting my digestion.

What else did I pull out of my nutrition toolbox to keep my health in check during this holiday season?

I started each morning with this:


Yes, my usual hot water and fresh lemon ‘liver hug.’

By the way, given the craziness of airports at Christmas time, I actually did not lug my Vitamix across the country this time around (oh woe). While sadly missed, I instead relished this morning kicker each and every day:


Almond milk, chia seed, lots of cinnamon, spirulina, freshly-grated ginger, and some stevia. After a good stir, I let the concoction sit and thicken (due to the chia seed) for about 30 minutes, while enjoying my hot lemon water. A mason jar of scrumptiousness, I say!

My entire body was smiling at the start of each day.

Oh yes. I never forgot my on-going romance with the humble, yet hunky avocado. Each mid-day, I cracked one open and enjoyed alongside enzyme-rolling raw vegetables. I could feel the years falling off my face.

So. I babied my liver, supported my digestion, kept my skin moist and wrinkle-free, ensured my organs were a-flushing…et voila: extra pounds and inflammation neatly avoided despite some lovely indulgences throughout the Christmas holiday season.

(You can do this too!)

Happy New Year!



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