Getting the sludge out

And a good morning to you!

Like many people at the start of a new year, you may be in the mood for change. Too much of everything over the past month has left you with shrunken pants, fatigue, poor digestion, and brain fog. Frankly you’re feeling pretty crappy.

Yet change feels a tad overwhelming. You’re not quite ready to completely overhaul your diet.

Let me make a suggestion. Gently. Just start with this: focus on changing up your morning chow ritual.

You already know part of my drill: Always start your morning -on an empty stomach- with warm water and the juice of half a lemon. Add stevia or raw honey, natural sweeteners, if needed.

There. Now you’ve already given your stressed liver a hug and a kiss.

Next, prepare an alkalizing, antioxidant- and fiber-rich, age-defying, energy-promoting, detoxifying smoothie. Then drink it. And folks, it’s important that you don’t get too carried away with an overload of sweet fruit in your smoothie, without a proper balance of blood sugar stabilizers, like lots of green plant food, protein (like seeds or nuts) and cinnamon, for example.

Since you’re all in the mood for a little detoxing, I thought I’d share this morning’s concoction with you. It was ooh-wee delicious and meets the objectives laid out above.


Cleansing Smoothie

1 cup almond milk

1 cup water

knob of peeled fresh ginger

1 heaping tbsp chia seed (or flax or hemp hearts)

1 tsp cinnamon

3 celery stalks

1/2 bunch fresh parsley

2 cups spinach

1 tsp spirulina

1/2 cup frozen cranberries

1/2 cup frozen raw beet chunks (peeled, chopped, bagged and frozen)

1/2 cup frozen pineapple chunks

stevia, to taste

This was so delicious! If you forgo the spirulina (but please don’t), the colour is vibrantly red. The spirulina tones down the brightness and gives it a ‘merlot’ cast. (Okay, folks, this is NOT wine we’re talking about here…)

Beneath the creamy deliciousness, this smoothie is teeming with detoxifying properties. I’ve picked a few of the ingredients that really shine with cleansing properties. Here goes:

Chia seed – chockfull of soluble and insoluble fiber, this complete protein helps balance blood sugar and promotes optimal digestion

Celery – always one of my favourite vegetables, this doozy promotes healthy kidney function as a potent detoxifier; its balanced potassium and sodium flushes out excess bodily fluids

Parsley – seems strange to throw into a smoothie, I know, but this green super food is an iron-rich, potent detoxifier and diuretic; it flushes out the kidneys and by the way, is a great anti-cellulite herb

Spinach – this familiar green is rich in beta-carotene, which converts to antioxidant, age-defying vitamin A

Cranberries – these little red balls serve as anti-inflammatory to the cardiovascular and digestive systems, and provide a barrier to bacteria in the urinary tract and stomach

Beets – these ruby gems are powerful blood and colon cleansers, removing toxins and congestion

Pineapple – this fan-favourite fruit provides bromelain, which reduces inflammation, improves circulation, reduces mucus, and promotes efficient digestion; frozen pineapple gives the smoothie sweetness and a very thick consistency

Need I say more?

Oh yes. It tastes great too.






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