Wine…with benefits?

Last post, I burbled on about personal choices and health. Armed with a jam-packed brain overflowing with scientific studies, facts and figures, alongside a very deep connection to and awareness of the details of my own bodily workings, I’ve figured out which foods resonate well with me at this point in my life journey. It’s all about listening to your body, noting how it reacts to specific foods, stress, environmental factors…and keeping a close eye out for signs of trouble.

Know your personal geography, friends.


Enough of the heady, technical, beneath-the-skin stuff. Let’s lighten up.

The goal, for me, is to tie this health-focused bent to a pleasurable embrace of food, drink and, well, life. And to do this without compromising health, all the while pushing that joie de vivre button as hard as I can!

That’s the ticket.

A glass of wine, anyone? Not for all, surely, and I’m not promoting the consumption of alcohol in any way. This is a very individual choice. But I do enjoy the flavor complexity of a lush bottle of red. And these days, a lovely, scintillating white might dance the cha-cha on my tongue.


But wait a second. Can we reap the rewards of a health benefit or two while indulging in a glass? What are the health guys saying?

Growing scientific evidence suggests that moderate consumption of wine may indeed provide health benefits, most notably evidenced in the antioxidant-rich qualities of red wine, but also with many white wine varieties. Other health wins include:

  • assistance in the prevention of heart attacks
  • increased HDL (‘good’) cholesterol
  • decreased occurrence of blood clots
  • beneficial anti-inflammatory properties, especially due to flavonoid compounds
  • protecting the heart from accelerated aging

Red wine is also rich in the polyphenol called caffeic acid, which is highly involved in free radical scavenging activity (this is a good thing!).

Let’s not forget champagne. The bubbly grape joins this boozy pack on the health scale, weighing in with a positive effect on endothelial function, too. Some black grape varieties may even help play a role in staving off dementia.


Julia and Dundas

To your health!

(Warning: A reminder to readers that drinking too much wine or champagne will counteract any health benefits, and in fact, will likely reek havoc on your health status. Moderation is key.)