A touch of basil

In my last post, I happily nattered on about the health merits of some of my favourite herbs. Basil was one of the lucky picks.


Now that you’re well-versed in how basil can contribute to improved health status, I must share another recipe that showcases my continuing new romance with this lovely herb.

And yes, it’s another smoothie. But we can’t get enough of these things, right?

Baaa-zil or bay-zil – we love this herb and it loves us right back!

Here’s what I was slurping this morning: a heavy-on-on-the-greens, light-on-the-fruit, slightly earthy, basil-infused, surprisingly creamy, really-lovely-and-satisfying-on-the-palate…smoothie:

Basil Pear Strawberry Green Smoothie

1 1/4 cup water

juice of 1/2 a lime

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tbsp. flax seed (or ground flax if you don’t use a high-powered blender)

1 tsp chlorella/spirulina mix, optional (or just spirulina)

1 small knob of peeled fresh ginger

hearty handful of fresh, organic basil leaves

1/2 organic cucumber

3 organic celery stalks

1 organic pear (I’m rather enjoying Anjou pears these days)

8 organic strawberries (or more!)

1/2 head organic green leaf lettuce

big handful of organic baby spinach

Stevia, to taste

Blast away in the blender! This makes quite a lot of drink, about 60 ounces in my sweet Vitamix…so, you may want to share. Or, if you’re like me, sip away at the entire container and imagine the celebration inside your body.


(By the way, that’s my ever-so-important probiotic supplement in the forefront of the photo. How is your intestinal flora these days? More on the importance of probiotics at a later post!)






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