Letting the chips -and cheezies- fall

I am conscientious -carefully focused- when it comes to making choices that affect my personal health.

One of my favourite quotes comes from Micho Kushi, macrobiotic educator, who once said “Eat according to your purpose.” I have many life purposes. My most fundamental purpose – that will help serve my other life intentions – is longevity and vitality. As a package deal, of course.

Chronic disease neatly held at bay, ongoing mental sharpness, and an unshakeable joie de vivre is my ultimate Betty White aspiration.

betty white

Eating whole, natural, and largely plant-based foods as close to their original form as possible is one of the key ways to feed the trillions of cells that form your body. This incredible body-engine needs nutrients – fuel –  to enable it perform hundreds of thousands of essential, ongoing tasks to fight disease and to help you thrive.

I continue to be bewildered and saddened by the North American inclination to forgo real food in exchange for faux food products that are created with carefully selected chemicals to reach deep into the brain’s pleasure centres and convince us that this is the stuff to live for. I don’t need to spell out the tragic results of hopping on to this fast-and-convenient-foods band wagon (but I will): chronic disease, autoimmune disease, cancers of all sorts, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity…all sky-rocketing to shocking proportions.

Put down the cheezies. Please.

One ever-so-small change you can make in your life is to start loving and respecting the miracle that is your body. Feed it what it was meant to be fed: real food. Use ingredients that are minimally processed, if at all. Eat simply. Let your palate reconnect with food prepared with spices, herbs, and love. Rediscover vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts. If you enjoy meat, buy from stores that source from farmers that treat their animals with care – avoid the factory farm! Eat sustainably-caught fish.

You may be surprised at how easy it is to bedazzle your family and friends with mouth-watering meals that are easy to make, take little time, pack a flavor wallop, and ultimately make you feel like dancing.

But you already knew that.


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