6 detox foods for Spring…and everyday

Spring. Detox.

We hear these two words in unison repeatedly at this time of the year. The message seems to be that after a rough go of gorging on heavy casseroles,  creamy pastas, and hot fudge-y delights throughout the dark and dreary winter months, it’s now time to shed the woolies… and the weight. Time to dust off the 2-piece, pull on the short-shorts, and strut your pale and puffy stuff in the warming sunlight. Time to shift to salad and berries.

Time to move the toxic sludge out.

Well now. Yikes. Just where do you start?

I have a suggestion. Instead of waiting for spring to roll around, try incorporating tasty and naturally-detoxifying foods into your daily diet, year-round. A detoxifying diet. It’s simple – eat foods that are delicious and keep the toxins moving out of the body. And by eating these foods regularly, your detox is a gentle, ongoing one.

Here are 6 familiar and detoxifying foods that you can – and should – eat regularly and year-round.

  1. Lemon – These yellow bursts of goodness are naturally antiseptic. They stimulate the liver to cleanse the body of impurities. High in vitamin C, lemons help produce glutathione, a natural toxins neutralizer, and possess terrific immune-boosting properties.
  2. Cucumber – This cool anti-cancer, natural diuretic helps to flush the kidneys. Cucumbers are a great dietary addition to help control blood pressure, and to relieve gout and arthritic pain.
  3. Hemp hearts – Hemp hearts are one of the most easily-digested plant proteins out there – and a mere 3 tablespoons gives you 11 grams of protein. These nutty, tiny orbs provide a healthy ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats, give us a good dose of anti-aging vitamin E, and help to lower LDL (‘bad’) cholesterol. They possess GLA, which is a building block of anti-inflammatory hormones, supporting healthy hair, skin and nails. They are high in fiber and thus will send the toxins packing!
  4. Avocado – These beautifying gems give us heart-healthy monounsaturated fat that boosts HDL (‘good’) cholesterol. They are full of glutathione, a nutrient that helps detoxify the liver. They are high in carotenoids to protect the eyes, and give us antioxidant compounds that protect the skin from wrinkles and sun damage. Packing protein and high fiber, avocados will chase waste out of the body.
  5. Parsley – Humble parsley is a rock-star. Iron-rich, it is a potent detoxifier and diuretic, and is a great anti-cellulite herb. Nice! Parsley is also high in folic acid (folate), which helps to reduce the incidence of heart attack and stroke.
  6. Garlic – Cancer-fighting garlic cleanses the body of harmful bacteria, intestinal parasites, and viruses – especially from the blood and intestines. This potent immune-boosting bulb helps to lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol; it is considered a valiant fighter against heart disease.

Aside from just eating these foods out of hand, on a sandwich, in soups and stews, or in your yoghurt, here is a fresh recipe to enjoy the entire kit and caboodle!

Simple Quinoa Spring Salad

Ingredients – salad

2 cups of cooked quinoa

1 tomato, chopped

1/2 English cucumber, chopped

1/2 cup fresh parsley, finely chopped

3 tbsp. hemp hearts

1 avocado, diced

Ingredients – dressing

juice of 1/2 lemon

2 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil

1 garlic clove, finely chopped

Himalayan sea salt & freshly-ground pepper, to taste


Mix all salad ingredients, except for avocado, together in bowl. Whisk dressing ingredients in a small bowl; add to salad and mix well. Gently fold diced avocado into salad. Enjoy as is, or scoop into lettuce leaves.

Serves 2-3

Quinoa salad