Graduation…and luscious lemon truffles

This past weekend was a biggie.

My fellow IHN classmates and I were feted at our graduation ceremony downtown Vancouver. I am now an official graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition – yay!


This is me with Shannon, who was my carpool buddy on and off last year, and has since become a dear friend.

The day was extra-special because…I gave the valedictory speech!


I felt heart-meltingly honored to speak to such an extraordinary group of classmates – umm, I mean, fellow nutritionists– and teachers and school administrators. And our wonderfully supportive family and friends who showered us with praise and good wishes. A fine audience indeed.

What. A. Stellar. Day.

Enough said. I have lots of precious memories to bask in.

Now. The other thing I want to share with you is this terrific, easy, pucker-up lemon ball recipe. It’s a delightful flavor burst in a pop-it-in-your-mouth ball!

We all brought treats to share with guests at graduation – to both showcase our deftness in the (nutritionist’s) kitchen and to prove to all and sundry that treats can actually materialize from a healthier list of ingredients, and still ooze decadence and satisfy the soul.

I made these Raw Lemon and Coconut Truffles, from Eleanor Ozich’s Petite Kitchen web site:


Awesome. So moist and lemony.


Click here for the recipe.

A lovely Spring indulgence. Thanks, Eleanor!




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