4 healthy breakfast options…in your hotel room!

Many of my friends who travel for work have asked for advice on how to keep astride the healthy eating wagon when hitting the road. In particular, they want to know how to simply and quickly start the day with a nutrient-dense breakfast that will provide much-needed rocket fuel for the morning meetings.

Not everyone wants to meander down to the hotel dining lounge for the $30 buffet at 7am. Especially when travelling alone. And frequently.

Here are some of the tasty and healthy options I like to share. You’ll see that they are all convenient, no-mess, and easy-peasy to rustle up. And, unlike die-hard moi, they don’t require lugging a 10-pound Vitamix blender across the country! You can pack these ingredients in your overnight bag and prepare in your hotel room, with minimal accoutrements.

1.  Easy Progressive Shake – made with Progressive Vege Greens Vegan Protein Powder (which you can find at your favourite health food store). Now, you know that I am the biggest proponent of eating whole food…however, I do understand that sometimes, we need to find the best alternative when out of our regular routine. I am so impressed with the ingredients in this powder. Not only does it provide you with protein, but you will get lots of greens, fiber, sea vegetables, and other spectacular nutrients. Have one serving in water or unsweetened almond, hemp or coconut milk and a piece of low-glycemic fruit (e.g. green apple, pear, berries) to get your unadulterated whole foods pop of goodness. Ingredients and tools needed: protein powder, non-dairy milk, fruit, jar with lid (mason jars are great!), spoon.

2.  Simple Overnight Chia Pudding/Drink – before bed, mix ¼ cup chia seed, 1 cup non-dairy milk (unsweetened almond, hemp or coconut), 1 teaspoon of spirulina powder (or, alternatively, ½ scoop of the Progressive Vege Greens Vegan Protein Powder) into glass jar. Stir on and off for 20 minutes, then cover with lid and place in fridge. In morning, give another good stir, sweeten to taste with natural sweetener (e.g. liquid stevia or raw honey) and enjoy with spoon! Accompany with a small piece of fruit. Ingredients and tools needed: chia seed, non-dairy milk, spirulina powder (or Progressive protein powder), fruit, jar with lid, spoon.

3.  Skinny B Cereal – this one is super-easy. This seed-based cereal provides an incredible fiber boost, and simply consists of chia seed, hemp seed and buckwheat. It is gluten- and sugar-free, organic, raw, and provides lots of sustainable energy. You can find it at most grocery stores on the West Coast, and certainly in health food stores back east. Look for it in the cereal aisle. Follow directions on the label, and double the single serving amount if you’re not having a piece of fruit. Use unsweetened almond, hemp or coconut milk in place of water and enjoy a piece of low-glycemic fruit alongside (e.g. green apple, pear, berries). Ingredients and tools needed: Skinny B cereal, non-dairy milk, fruit, (mason) jar with lid, spoon.

4.  Overnight Oats – you may be familiar with the overnight oats phenomena? This is an easy way to eat your oats. Only, I suggest you try quinoa flakes instead (quinoa is a gluten-free, high-protein seed that won’t give you ‘grain brain’. It’s not a grain!) You can find quinoa flakes at any health food store.

When travelling, you can pre-mix the following (for one serving) in a baggie before you leave on your trip:  1/3 cup quinoa flakes, 1 tbsp chia seeds, bit of cinnamon, pinch of sea salt. Before bed at the hotel, pour dry mixture into glass jar, add about ½ to ¾ cup of non-dairy milk, a handful of berries or 1 small chopped green apple, and natural sweetener if needed. Stir, put lid on, and place in fridge overnight. Stir and enjoy with a spoon in the morning! Ingredients and tools needed: pre-mixed and bagged dry oats mixture, berries or apple, non-dairy milk, (mason) jar with lid, spoon.

photo courtesy theyummylife.com

Of course, the added bonus of indulging in one of these nifty brekkies in your hotel room is that you can contentedly munch away in your undies! Sans make-up. Hair in rollers.

Comfy, relaxed…happy tummy.