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They crop up every few posts – in one of my recipes or as a stark, in-your-face reminder that the lovely lemon is a MUST on your list of ‘Gotta eat these…’

You know what they look like.

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They are easy to find. Every grocery store sells them. In fact, organic lemons (eat these if you are tossing rind and all into your smoothies, for example) can often be find at regular supermarkets these days at a fraction of the health food store cost.

I eat them every day. I start with the juice of half an organic lemon squeezed into some warm water. Then, I toss the other half -rind and all- into my smoothie. And then I continue to sip on lemon juice-infused water throughout the day. Often, I use lemon juice in my salad dressing at dinner.

I’m talking fresh, living-enzymes, lusty, lemony lemons. Forget the bottled dastardly, dead stuff with the added preservatives.

Okay, so aside from the bright punch of lively flavor, what does the lovely lemon do for us?

I’m going to give you the abridged version of its nutritional benefits, simply because you would get tired of reading a list as long as your arm. (Really!)

Lemons are natural healers that:

  • provide immune-boosting antioxidants
  • are anti-bacterial and anti-viral
  • act as blood purifiers
  • are incredible digestive aids
  • support and cleanse the liver (big-time)
  • help to lower blood pressure (they’ve got plenty of potassium)
  • give you healthy, glowing skin (with their big offering of vitamin C)
  • are alkaline-forming, helping to balance your pH levels
  • reduce fluid retention by increasing urination
  • can help prevent kidney stones by forming urinary citrate, preventing formation of crystals
  • boost mineral absorption
  • detoxify the entire body

And, if you toss the entire organic half-lemon-with-peel into your smoothie, for example, you will get a boat-load of fiber. The peel is also full of nutrients -vitamin C, calcium, citric acid, potassium- that will positively impact cholesterol levels, bone and skin health, and help boost your metabolism. The limonene and flavonoids can help in the fight against cancer.

C’mon folks, time to pucker up!


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