Rawsome eats!

From a glorious and warm July, we Lower Mainland BCers have sashayed into an equally sunny and toasty August.

Easy does it” is the motto of late: we are trying to keep the pace slow and the perspiration low!

As I feel compelled to loyally uphold this motto, let me share another simple light summer dish that requires no oven or stove time. There’s just a little chopping action, the press of a button, and some love and gratitude tossed into the ingredients.

My version of YoungandRaw‘s Stirred-Not-Fried Sesame Vegetables With Garlic Rice uses cauliflower instead of celeriac and tamari instead of nama shoyu. I also played around a bit with the sauce ingredients to get the consistency and taste to my liking. And I gave the finished dish a couple of heaping tablespoons of hemp hearts over top to add more protein and heart-healthy omega-3’s.

Julia’s Sauce-y Vegetables with Cauliflower Rice


I sliced up a plump and juicy field tomato alongside, with sea salt and lots of pepper, and got lost in the freshness and deliciousness of it all.

And then.

I made the whole thing all over again the next night.


No sweat on this brow!


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