Stripped-down smoothie

Yes! It’s almost officially autumn.

I happen to love, love, love the Fall and welcome this time of year with open arms. There is nothing like still-warm, summer-like September days capped with distinct night-time temperature dips. This weather is the perfect antidote for a good night’s sleep – with my old friend, Mr. Duvet, nestled up around my ears. Sublime!

Seasonal transitions -for me, at least- often mean changes in many aspects of my life. Say hello! to clothing layers again, for example. Sweaters, boots and jeans aside, though, I also start to make subtle changes in what and how I eat. The quantity of raw foods recedes somewhat, and the oven roars back to life. Roasted vegetables re-assume en vogue status in my Fall kitchen.

And with most seasonal shifts, I have a tendency to purge a bit. Pare down. Simplify. Give away unused clothes, gadgets, books. Clean up, pull out the sofa throws, and get ready to hunker down for cooler climes ahead.

I’ve even noticed yet another shift in my smoothie habits. I’m enjoying this very basic but pleasing brew these morns:

Pared-down, Potent and Perfect September Swill


1/2 cup filtered water (or unsweetened non-dairy milk)

small chunk of fresh gingerroot, peeled

1 heaping tbsp. of spirulina

1 heaping tsp of cinnamon

1/2-1 tsp maca

1-2 heaping tbsp. of flax seed (grind first if you don’t have a high-powered blender)

2 cups packed organic baby spinach (or combo of other greens)

1 1/2 cups of frozen blueberries


Blend all ingredients through to flax seed; add spinach/greens and blend. Add frozen berries and blend. Let sit for a few minutes.

Now, this concoction is incredibly thick…and gets thicker the longer it sits. If you prefer a thinner consistency, adjust the quantity of fluid. As you know, I am a die-hard thick-as-all-get-out smoothie drinker, so I love to go light on the liquid and pull out the spoon and savour it like dessert. Don’t feel obliged to follow suit.

By the way – later this week, I am going to substitute the frozen blueberries for frozen raspberries, and add 1-2 tbsp. of raw cacao powder. Should be divine!

Pull up your collar and  breathe deeply. I hope you, like me, find time to revel in the delights of this very special time of year.

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