Little things

Little things make me happy.

Take this morning, for example. As I headed into the home stretch on my daily walk with Dundas, I quickened my step in anticipation of the latest development on the home reno up ahead. You see, I had been quietly enjoying the slow and glorious evolution of a small bungalow a few blocks from home – watching it emerge like a butterfly from a forgettable cocoon.

For starters, I had quietly applauded the home owner’s decision to paint the house a lovely soft pearl gray. Dark gray shutters would add character and finesse, I thought to myself. And lo, a few mornings later, as I rounded the corner towards the house, I laughed out loud to see freshly-donned dark gray shutters hugging the windows.


The house had by now been transformed to a new level of glory. A cut above the others on the block. But I knew what could really knock it out of the park – the bold punch of a magnificent and daring red door!

Could they? Would they?

They did. That’s what greeted Dundas and I as we rolled into the last segment of this morning’s jaunt. A gorgeous, stately, come-knock-on-me, va-va-voom of a red door.

Totally. Made. My. Day.