Friends, food, and the outdoors

Female friends.

The special and sacred friendship bonds that are formed between women can be extraordinarily powerful, intimate and for many women, last a lifetime. Over the years, some of my male friends have expressed intrigue and curiosity about the relationships they observe amongst their female friends…and have sometimes commented that they don’t quite ‘get’ the depth and emotion of our platonic gal-pal-ships.

And perhaps I have detected the occasional note of wistful envy?

Regardless, men and women are wired differently, and both sexes are a marvel. I, for one, deeply appreciate the relationships I have formed over the years with both men and women, and the lessons learned and wisdom gleaned that have helped shape my persona and the direction of my life.

At times of overwhelming distress, I have always been able to count on my girlfriends to pull out every ounce of compassion they can muster, tempering this with a maternal urge to protect, and then tossing in a well-timed bit of advice. What has astonished me most at times of personal trauma, is how even the women whom I would classify as, well, acquaintances, pulled out all their nurturing stops to envelope me in a protective cocoon. This is what women are wont to do. This is how we roll.

Yes, we have all experienced the bad friends. Even those friendships are often fraught with passionate intensity before they unravel and the un-friending begins.

But our true-love-girlfriends touch us deep inside and we share and bare all – our fears, insecurities, shames, and best yet, our moments of glory. We celebrate together and we count on one another for support without judgment.

I am blessed to have a cadre of tried-and-true friends. Sometimes I don’t get to connect often with these women, but when we do catch-up…it’s like we just talked yesterday. We pick up where we left off.

It was simply lovely to invite two of my dear girlfriends over for a holistic health mini-retreat this weekend. (Yes, three nutritionists!) We talked health, enjoyed walks in the woods, ate, drank…and really listened to one another. We shared our current life concerns, bandied about solutions, and laughed a good deal.

DSC00901       DSC00896

DSC00891    DSC00917

And, of course, extended love and cuddles to Dundas!


Better than what the (naturopathic) doctor ordered!