Hodgepodge on the fly


What crazy weather we endured on Saturday in BC’s Lower Mainland! We had been forewarned of heavy rain and wind…and after several months of drought, we knew a rain drench could spell F-L-O-O-D. The cement-like ground seemed less than welcoming for a soaking. We braced for buckets and buckets.

But it wasn’t so much the rain. It was the wind. The scary, scary wind! Drought-weakened trees and heavy branches snapped like bitsy twigs, patio furniture flew over fences, and many areas lost power (and are still without).

In a quest to use up my fridge contents before I potentially fell off the power grid, I grabbed a crazy assortment of vegetables and took to chopping. The ground bison that had been ear-marked for burgers joined the melee.

After some speedy knife play,  I had produced an enormous vegetable/bison medley.


Actually, I chopped up two skillets’ worth of vegetable goodness! Enough for dinner last evening, and some pre-portioned dinners that I have nestled in the freezer for busy work days. Yes!

This simple feast was DELISH! Here’s what I did: a heaping tablespoon of organic ghee heated up in my huge skillet. Half a  chopped large sweet onion joined the fat, followed by about 3-4 ounces of ground bison. I broke up the bison and sautéed until just about no longer pink. Then I added the remaining vegetable glory, all chopped to similar bite-sized pieces: sweet potato, cauliflower, broccoli (always peel and use the stems, too), patty pan squash, and zucchini. I drizzled coconut oil into the mixture, and added sea salt and pepper to taste. After a few minutes of cooking time, I removed from the heat and added a hefty dose of nutritional yeast (you can use parmesan cheese, if that suits your palate). A deft stir with the biggest spoon in the drawer – et voila, a sauce-y, tasty extravaganza!

(And then I did it all over again!)


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