Green Christmas

Ah…the decadence.

Breaking bread with friends and family during the holiday season is a comforting ritual. After all, food is love.

Turkey and trimmings, cheeses en croute, all manner of sweet confections, and extra butter and cream at every opportunity.

While indulging is par for the course at this time of year, adding a healthy kick here and there helps keep things in balance.

This morning, I put these words into practice by starting my day with one of my green confections – the delicious Thick Minty Strawberry Pear Smoothie. Today’s version replaced the chard with an entire head of romaine lettuce plus a few leaves of kale. I greened it up further by adding 1 heaping tablespoon of spirulina and 1 heaping teaspoon of chlorella. A handful of frozen organic mango chunks joined the strawberry and pear medley.


This was decadent indeed.


Cheers to a green Christmas!



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