Skillet supper toss-about

I love to create success in a skillet, nabbing the lonely bits and pieces of veg from my refrigerator crisper and transforming them into a meal worthy of…well, a post like this!

And it all comes together in no time at all.

This particular skillet sup is a vegetarian version, with an explosion of hemp hearts to bring easily-digestible protein to the plate. But you can saute ground bison, grass-fed beef, turkey or chicken with the onion and coconut oil at the front end of the mix, before tossing in your vegetable medley.


Here’s what was going on in my pan the other night:

A good glob of virgin coconut oil hit the warmed skillet and quickly melted to coat its base. I added chopped onion – about one medium – and sautéed until translucent. In the meantime, I diced my fridge contents into bite-sized pieces: sweet potato, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, and red cabbage. I threw in all of these glorious vegetables, gave a good stir, and added sea salt to taste, and lots of paprika (2 heaping tablespoons) and thyme (1 heaping tablespoon). Once fork-tender, I pulled the party off the burner – a cascade of nutritional yeast was mixed in (feel free to use parmesan cheese), and the happy mess was topped with a few tablespoons of hemp hearts.

Oh yeah.