The Hottie

I do like a good smoothie. Chockful of gorgeous greens and ample superfoods, a smoothie is a delicious and convenient way to consume a truckload of nourishing, fiber-licious goodness in one fell swoop. And, let’s face it, smoothies should always taste great! While I have manifested my fair share of experimental smoothie duds in the kitchen, my aim is infinitely high on the taste scale.

That said, I’ve never actually tossed a less-than-appetizing smoothie failure. Gasp! That enormous gathering of nutrients down the drain? No, I just can’t fathom the thought! All of that nutritious splendour must make it’s way down my craw, even if my eyes water and I have to plug my nose…


Alas, even sweet boy Dundas enjoys a glob or two of smoothie magic in his bowl. (No, not out of my mug!) His well-being is also priority in my household, and dogs can reap the health benefits of many of these whole foods, just like us humans. Be cautious about ingredients, though. For example, I would not share a smoothie that contains raw cacao, as chocolate is not safe for pooches.

Every imbiber has their thing about smoothie consistency. I am a die-hard it-must-be-thick-like-a-pudding, and so I tend to use less liquid (i.e. water, coconut milk, nut or seed milk). The spoon, and not the straw, is my utensil of choice.

Quirks aside, I have to admit that a cold smoothie on a winter morning is not always the rise and shine I seek. It’s too, well, cold. And so I was delighted when I stumbled across some on-line flutter about hot smoothies. What? Some quick consultation led me to fellow (and Canadian!) nutritionist Julie Daniluk, who actually just published a cook book on hot detoxing. And she makes hot smoothies!

Fast forward to today. I have played around with all kinds of hot smoothies these past couple of months, and what I have dubbed The Hottie has become my smoothie of choice on days when I yearn for a soul-satisfying warm hug in a mug in the early hours of day. Now, I must add that I go back and forth with my hotties – sometimes I like them thick, but more and more, I prefer a hot smoothie to be a sipper.


Like its colder version, a hot smoothie – depending on your choice of ingredients – can offer the same amazing nutritional value: tons of fiber, vitamins A and K from greens, alkaline-forming, detoxifying properties, bloat-reducing, blood sugar balancing, hormone balancing, etc. Here is a basic savoury recipe that you can feel free to embellish. I have all kinds of versions.

The Hottie


2-3 cups of hot liquid (water, bone broth, nut mylk)

1 small hunk of ginger, peeled

1 tbsp flax or chia seed (or both!)

1 -2 tbsp hemp hearts

1 tsp virgin coconut oil

2 tsp true cinnamon

1 tsp turmeric powder (and/or cumin and coriander too…you decide on the spices)

dash of sea salt, to taste

handful of fresh parsley

large handful of spinach or other greens

1/2 tsp chlorella powder (optional)


Place all ingredients in blender, and add hot liquid. Blend until smooth.

Note: you will want to self-determine the consistency of your hottie…start with less liquid, and then add more if you prefer a more drink-like consistency. As you can see, this particular one below was a ‘thickie.’


‘Might not make the best-dressed list, but it sure is tasty!







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