You can’t be late to your Destiny.

This line all but popped me in the bean while I was ingesting a little of Tosha Silver’s sage (and hilarious!) prose the other day. If you haven’t yet checked her out, Tosha’s books are filled with amusing, heart-warming little yarns pulled from her everyday life. She recounts a story, and then tops it with some sort of profound, revelatory, life-changing nugget. I have a good chuckle, and then I typically sit in awe over that nugget that I swear is aimed directly at me!

Anyway, I’m in the middle of A Thing right now. These past few years of immense and non-stop change, stretching far beyond my comfort bubble, letting go and creating space, learning lots and lots of new skills and honing the old ones…has given me pause recently. On the work front, I’ve been fortunate to align with some incredible folks and have created some magic. I’ve been teaching, writing, coaching, and collaborating with others on wellness initiatives.

I think I’m finally getting it. All this joy- and fear-tinged toiling and learning – both inside and out – has led me to realize My Destiny. Or rather, has made me aware that my destiny is now. I feel clearer on what my gifts are (in addition to my old, finely-tuned go-to’s of knowledge, skills and abilities) and what I’m meant to do with my work. I have so much to offer – layers of leadership experience that is meant to partner with this pervasive focus on wellness. And so, it must happen.

My Next Big Thing.

My point is that there’s no such thing as being late to your destiny. “Whenever you get to wherever you are, that’s your time.” (Tosha Silver, 2015)

Okay. Got it!


Whew. Let’s shift gears entirely – I want to share my zoodle encounters of this past week! I do natter on about the undisputed merits of honouring our bodies and eating nutritiously, but I also always emphasize the other equally important part of the food equation, which is that our meals should taste great too. Add to that equation quick and convenient – and well then, Bob’s your uncle!

I hadn’t eaten zoodles in months (‘zoodles’ are spiralized fresh zucchini, which by the way, can be found pre-spiralized at some local health food stores; many people use this noodle-ized veggie and others, like beets and butternut squash, as a fresh and lighter alternative to pasta) and so decided to pull together a couple of quickies built on a base of flash-sauteed zuke noodles – tossed in a heated pan with a bit of avocado oil, sea salt, and minced garlic.


Zuke Meal # 1: simple steamed vegetables – Brussels sprouts, sweet potato, purple cabbage, red onion – and baked almond meal-covered chicken thighs atop a mound of sautéed zuke noods. A little drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and some flakey sea salt add a layer of panache!


Zuke Meal #2: roasted cauliflower florets and spicy grass-fed-and-finished beef balls (I bought ‘em ready to cook) alongside a pile of broccoli sprouts top these zoodles. A squirt of sriracha and a dusting of hemp hearts seal the deal!


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