Hitting the books…and the greens

I had a busy day planned: homework, homework and more homework.

Early to bed, early to rise, and the day started with a very green smoothie. An adaptation of Kimberly Snyder’s Beauty Detox Glowing Green Smoothie, this lip-smacker was blended with 2 cups of water, 2 cups of chopped celery, a knob of peeled gingerroot, 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon, 1 head of chopped green leaf lettuce, about 8 cups of chopped baby spinach, 1 granny smith apple, and some stevia drops. These ingredients presented me with 2 large mason jars’ worth of goodness.


I nursed a jar, along with a lick of coconut oil. This healthy fat helps with the absorption of vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin plentiful in leafy greens.


Next on the agenda: a brisk walk with Dundas in the pea-soupy darkness. We kept up our pace, spurred by heart-stopping glimpses of Hallowe’en-decorated front lawns that taunted us through the murky clouds of thick fog. Cemeteries, skulls, and bloody daggers at this hour? Shudder.

Safely home, it was time for some yoga.


A quick shower, and then another shot of green – this time, a darker, forest-y green froth of blended coconut water (1 cup), spirulina powder (1 tsp) and stevia to taste. (Thanks again, Kimberly!)


A couple of swigs was all I needed to muster up some homework-tackling vim and vigor, armed with the knowledge that I would at least get my beauty glow on for this day.

No putting it off any longer – time to hit the books.




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