Gut-busting fun in the kitchen

Boy. I was so excited when this book hit the shelves last week:


Dr. Perlmutter is an amazing neurologist – and belongs to an outstanding group of functional doctors who are changing the world of medicine. Essentially, functional doctors get that the body consists of interconnected parts and that health issues in one part of the body can sometimes be the result of a problem in another part of the body. Slowly, but surely, medical schools are teaching their up-and-coming MDs the importance of looking at the body as a functioning whole…reaching beyond the one part of the body that doctors choose to specialize in. This is a slow movement, but a bunch of prominent and respected doctors are leading this noble evolution (revolution?). And, they are opening the door to the importance of multiple alternative therapies in treating the individual. Imagine that – the notion of holistic health is taking form…yes!

All of that excitement aside, Dr. Perlmutter is a personal fave of mine. He believes that all disease is rooted in the gut, and provides significant scientific evidence that will rock your world about the connection between one’s gut microbiome (the bacteria in your gut) and brain health. There is so much microbiome-brain science hitting the medical world, it is mind-boggling.

Without getting into details (you MUST pick this book up), suffice it to say that we need to work on ensuring we have a healthy gut microbiome. We do this by making sure we ingest plenty of probiotic foods (e.g. raw sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, grass-fed plain yoghurt, kefir, fermented vegetables, etc.)…and lots of prebiotic foods to feed the good bacteria that probiotics bring into our bodies (e.g. foods with lots of fiber, especially gems like raw asparagus, jicama and cooked or raw onion).

Check out what I have a-happening in my kitchen these days:


I am making preserved lemons!


I’ve got hard-boiled eggs fermenting!


I took a stab at fermenting raw wild salmon. Hmmm… perhaps could improve on this one?

And, if that wasn’t enough – how about some delicious ‘usuals’?


I cultivated some delicious, enzyme-rich, fiber-filled alfalfa sprouts and made another batch of gut-healing beef bone broth.

To your health!