Playful and amusing fare


What an absolute charm of a word! By far, this is one of my faves. Whimsy conjures up ideas of magic and sparkle and allure and fun and limitless POSSIBILITY! It’s open-armed and warmly embracing. Why, it’s downright hope-filled! And kind of hilarious.

What an utterly gorgeous word.

A quick peek of online dictionary definitions yields the following:

(Cambridge) “something playful and amusing”

(Oxford) “playfully quaint or fanciful behaviour or humour; a thing that is fanciful or odd”

(Merriam-Webster) “a fanciful or fantastic device, object, or creation especially in writing or art”

We could all use something fanciful in our day-to-day lives. Right?! And so, on that note, I thought I’d share my whimsical riff on the omelette. Or the pancake. Er…both? A PANLETTE! That is the magic of whimsy – take your idea and fly, knowing that it might bring a smile to someone’s face!

Given that it was St. Patrick’s Day yesterday, I decided to jump in with a bit of mirth: I whipped up a dinner that was totally, well, green. Yup – the veggie stars were two of my go-to emerald wonders: brussels sprouts and broccoli, roasted to perfection with just a bit of coconut oil and sea salt.

The entrée was my green panlette – a spur-of-the-moment creation that teetered on the unusual. This would either be a winning unicorn or a disastrous dud.

Suffice it to say – unicorn for the win!

Simple and delicious, here’s how this whimsical wonder went down:

The Green Panlette


3 eggs

3 T ground flax

1 T coconut flour

¼ – 1/3 cup water

Handful of fresh parsley

2 kale leaves, torn/stems removed

Sea salt, to taste


Break eggs into to bowl; add flax, flour, water and sea salt. Whisk until well-combined. Pour into blender; add parsley and kale. Blend. Pour into well-oiled saucepan (I used coconut oil) over medium heat. Cook until bottom is brown and lifts easily from pan; flip and cook an additional couple of minutes. Slide onto plate.